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Twitter (Woww) Of The Moment(12)

In Twitlife on September 9, 2010 at 10:54 am

fat stripper names? really? who thought this was a good idea?

Not Gary Busey GaryJBusey

Nicki Minachos #fatstrippernames

Tanya Sykes tanyasykes

@MaddyFatty Marsha Mellow #fatstrippernames

mervyn merv_gerv

#fatstrippernames the great pumpkin


Twitter (Woww) Of The Moment(11)

In Twitlife on September 8, 2010 at 6:22 pm

i saw this tt and i was like wow really? #smh

Jit the Beast ♫ JitTheBeast

#HoesOutHereBuiltLike BMW’s.. (Body Made Wrong)

Herbert - Family Guy HerbertFromFG

#HoesOutHereBuiltLike McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes, except nobody’s lovin’ it.

@BethanyJasmine BethanyJasmine

#hoesoutherebuiltlike wylie coyote and betty white

Twitter (Woww) Of The Moment(10)

In Twitlife on September 6, 2010 at 12:25 pm

the topic made me say omg when i seen it…and now for the tweets *smdh*

B Nikya Gunn© _iNikya

#ifblackpeoplewereontitanic it’s cause they ran outta room on the other slave skips

Luke iAml3wk

#ifblackpeoplewereontitanic “BITCHES AND CHICKEN FIRST!”

tyrell short TyREALSHORT

#ifblackpeoplewereontitanic there would have been a lot of newports floating in the water

Brenda Bickerton LoveMrsBrenda

RT @k0ttonkandii: #ifblackpeoplewereontitanic while jack and rose were having sex sum1 wud hv stole the rims <– lmao! Smh that’s crazy!

Twitter (Woww) Of The Moment(9)

In Twitlife on September 5, 2010 at 11:51 am

it really makes me wonder how these tts get started

wendi with an i JERSEi

#firstwordsaftersex.. now wheres the rag?

Antwaon Cummings Ant_Loso

#firstwordsaftersex “I swear i wasn’t aiming there”

Sean L. Moore SAUcEallOVAme

#firstwordsaftersex the condom broke, ill call u

tazz liltazz803

#firstwordsaftersex ~~> u can’t take a dick

tazz liltazz803

#firstwordsaftersex ~~> ur pussy wuz dry