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Name three songs that you’ve changed your mind about, for better or worse.

In Plinky Promps on August 16, 2010 at 10:44 pm

Addiction by Kanye West

i liked this song alot when i 1st heard it and then i assigned it as some ones ringtone i.d. or wut ever and that person turned out to be a big weirdo and was tryin to tell me that he used to play with casper the ghost when he was little. ok well he didnt say it like that… he said somethin about sum 1 picked him up off his feet and put him right back down and he turned around to see who it was and no 1 was there. then he was like “yea it was friendly i was never afraid of it” and im thinkin to my self “time out? did this dude jus try to tell me casper was his playmate?” #fail. so now this song is ruined for me and i had to delete it from my itunes and from my phone bcuz it makes me think of casper’s bff lol

OMG by Usher

when i 1st heard this song i thought it was weird and i didnt really like it. then 1 nite i went out wit my friends and they played it in the club and its good to dance too and the hook is catchy so i ended up likin it..lol

Panty Droppa by Trey Songz

i went through like 18 different emotions at once when i heard this song. lolĀ  Im not bout to sit here like these other dramatic chicks like “omg! trey is my husband/baby daddy or wutever” #thatshitsgettinold but anyway i was sooooooooo in love wit the song at 1st. then i played it all the time. then i got tired of hearin it. now i love it agin but im tryin not to play it out again

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