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My Saga With Verizon

In Facebook Statuses on August 28, 2010 at 12:27 pm

ok so i have verizon for pretty much everything. not all of it is by choice but i have cell/home ph/dsl i would have gotten their tv service buts not available in my area yet so i have directv and i love it. so even when FIOS does bcome available i still probly wont switch. any way my customer loyalty was tested the past 2 days and i had different feelings about them like every 5 mins for the past 2 days. the following will be those emotions via facebook statuses  (of coarse)

ill type in this color to establish the time line

ok this status was a call made to verizon wireless so i could figure out how much it would be to cancel the 2nd ph on my acct. i didnt cancel it at that time, i was just calling to get pricing. then i find out my bill will go down $60 a mo which is great. so i hung up and posted this.

Tylice Meade

‎”its $80 if u do it now” = best thing ive heard all day

Wednesday at 6:44pm via Text Message Friends and Networks · ·

so after this i got a ph call asking me to participate in a survey about the ph call i jus had so i did and i went to check my email or somethin and i couldnt get on the internet cuz my dsl lite was blinking on my modem so i turn it off and back on like 10x and it finnally works. so then i posted this….

Tylice Meade

i ♥ how verizon wireless’s customer service makes my life easy. Verizon residential……. not so much (i only have ur dsl cuz comcast is out of my price range)

Thursday at 11:08am Friends and Networks · ·

so then the internet goes out again but this time all the lights on the modem were fine it kept givin me sum message about some proxy problem (i have no idea wut that means, wut its for or anything) i called their tech support and i got an automated message saying that theyre aware of the problem and most customers in western pa are affected and it will be fixed soon….blah blah blah. so im like great! no internet. but the weird thing was that my modem was still puttin out wifi cuz i could still do stuff on my ipod. and limewire was still working #weird….so anyway i posted this

Tylice Meade

its official verizon dsl sux balls! they havin problems so now im forced to access the internet via mobile devices

Thursday at 12:23pm via Text Message Friends and Networks · · ·
    • Lmao! I love my verizon fios. I have all 3. Tv, internet, and phn. ♥♥   <<<<<<i chose not to respond to her cuz i was mad lol

so any way back to the point. next status is self explanatory

Tylice Meade

Day 2 of no dsl. Bit wuts weird is that limewire still works, jus can’t access websites cuz of some proxy problem. VERIZON, GET UR SHIT TOGETHER!

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so last nite i got tired of accessing facebook and twitter via ipodtouch so i decided to go play around with the settings with firefox. i remembered seeing the word proxy when my friend was tryin to set up the wifi on his ps3 so i kept gettin a message saying that the server or administrator was blocking the proxy or somethin so i did the most obvious thing… i turned the proxy off in the firefox settings…. i dont kno if thats bad or not and i do plan on puttin in back when verizon gets their shit 2gether but wutever it worked !

Tylice Meade

my internet is working!

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    • U finally paid the bill

      14 hours ago · ·
    • haha no… i went into the settings for firefox and turned some proxy shit off….internet explorer is still fucked but who cares i dont use it anyway

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    • Uh oh…run!! 1, 2 (T) is coming for you. 3-4 better lock ur doors… Lol she’s back!!!

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    • lmao shut up dan!

      about an hour ago · ·

so now that the saga is over i just dont understand how 2 parts of the same company operate so differently…. ive always had some problem in 1 way or another wit verizon residential. had problems just gettin an acct opened…that took like close to a month and a half (not exaggerating) had issues when i moved…all their customer service people are rude. verizon wireless is always polite and they always got their shit together. no billing issues….well i take that back…when i actived the 2nd ph on my acct they billed me for data charges but the ph was supposed to have free unl data for the 1st mo and 15$ a mo after. so i called about it…she credited my acct for the charges and she told me that my next bill will show a $15 charge 4 the internet but i should have a $15 misc credit bcuz it was supposed to be free for a mo…. i didnt even have to ask her to do it.. i called gave my name and password told her my bill was high cuz of the data and i wanted to kno why it was on there….and boom problem fixed in less then 10 mins…. so its always mixed emotions with verizon


Ok, Im Sorry

In Facebook Statuses on August 12, 2010 at 11:04 am

intro…i had to apologize to my friend of 3yrs…..Directv (lol)

yesterday i had a problem with my hddvr it was just stuck on “searching for signal” so i do what comes naturally to me (well natural to me as of the past 3 yrs and way.) i used to work for Dishnetwork as a tech support rep. (yes, i worked for dish but had directv, the funny thing is that some of the $ from my 1st dishnework paycheck went towards my start up costs with directv…lol ) so anyway i start checking things like is it raining? no. do both tvs not work? no, the bedroom dvr is ok. ok so i bring the bedroom dvr to the living room to see if i have a signal problem in my living room…..nope the regular dvr works fine in the livingroom too. so now what? i take the hddvr to the bedroom and guess what it doesnt work there either. so now im pissed bcuz i didnt get to watch some of the shows i recorded like the real word the bad girls club dark blue and some other stuff. and i wouldnt have been so mad about the no signal thing if i could just watch what i had already recorded bcuz at this point im thinkin the this dvr is bad and needs swapped for a new 1 or wutever cuz it dont word in either room but the regular dvr works in both rooms. so i call directv’s tech support and i tell the lady wut i did and that i thought it might be the dvr and it mite need swapped. i told her that if she thinks it mite be sumthin else im up for suggestions im jus making guesses. so she thought it was the dvr but it could possible be somethin else and she wanted to send a tech to my house just to check out everything so im like ok cool no problem so i was kinda mad about having to have sum1 come here and it couldnt be a simple fix but hey shit happens. so i went on facebook yesterday and posted a status about the situation…so today the tech came and figured out what the problem was and then i had to go back to facebook today to post the following :

Tylice Meade

“yesterdays status : FML! got a date wit directv man 2morro…..1st technicall issue i have in 3yrs and they cant fix it over the phone

(turns out the lnb i had was bad and was recalled so yea i guess they couldnt fix that over the phone) im sorry directv i will never doubt u again


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Swear words: Are you pro or con?

In Plinky Promps on August 10, 2010 at 11:37 am

swear words? did they really just ask me this question? do they know who I am? ABSO-FUCKIN-LUTLY! im pro swear words…

i used to think “oh, they’re just words get over it” and in a way i still believe that but they arent meant for every where and everyone…for instance i dont curse in church (not that I go to to church that often but if/when I do… no cursing) school/work? hmm…. I went to a christian school and yes i used to curse up and down those halls….work yea the jobs i had made me want to curse…especially my last job. I did customer service/tech support for dishnetwork and some of the people that used to call there would be on my last nerve! but god gave us the mute button and thats how i kept my job untill my job was outsourced to mexico march2010! yay! gotta love this country. i dont really miss the job i jus miss the $ i will admit they did pay pretty good $ they just treat there employees like dog shit….and their customers too but thats another story.

back to the matter at hand… i dont feel that children shouldnt curse…teens? hmm thats a tricky 1. i have a lil brother who is 19 and a lil sister who is 17 i wouldnt say anything if they cursed cuz i did the same thing @ their age but at the same time if i had a teenage child i wouldnt want them cursing infront of me…. u cant controll what ur children do when you’re not with them, u can only make suggestions.

so to sum this up im pro-cursing but theres a time and a place.

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