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Twitter (Woww) Of The Moment(11)

In Twitlife on September 8, 2010 at 6:22 pm

i saw this tt and i was like wow really? #smh

Jit the Beast ♫ JitTheBeast

#HoesOutHereBuiltLike BMW’s.. (Body Made Wrong)

Herbert - Family Guy HerbertFromFG

#HoesOutHereBuiltLike McDonald’s Happy Meal boxes, except nobody’s lovin’ it.

@BethanyJasmine BethanyJasmine

#hoesoutherebuiltlike wylie coyote and betty white


Drinkin A Carmel Frappe’ Leads To Murder, Hussies, And Chubbie Chasers?

In Facebook Statuses on August 13, 2010 at 2:34 pm

i jus wanna say that i love how i post a status on facebook and some how the conversation ends up some where completely unexpected like when i posted this status i had no idea this would happen lmao

Tylice Meade

carmel frape from mcdonalds ♥

2 hours ago Friends and Networks · ·

    • strawburry nana smooooovy is hella gooodt

      2 hours ago · ·
    • pass! i dont like bananas

      about an hour ago · ·
    • I love frappe’s

      about an hour ago · ·
    • mee too!

      about an hour ago · ·
    • wild berry then. why u gotta ruin the moment? geesh

      about an hour ago · ·
    • lol my bad

      about an hour ago · ·
    • That wild berry is gross. Never had the strawberry n banna. I hate banna’s. Yuck

      about an hour ago · ·
    • sorry sabrina i gotta go wit my big sister

      about an hour ago · ·
    • geesh! ya’ll are goin at my neck behindt da smooooovy! the berry one is nasty tho!

      about an hour ago · ·
    • then why would u tell me to try it? (setup)

      about an hour ago · ·
    • no no punkin! i like the stawburry nana one. u dnt like nanas. i was jus puttin the otha option out ther. i dnt like the coffe joints! so jus caus i dnt like the berry dnt mean u wuldnt…. ya digg?

      about an hour ago · ·
    • the carmle frappe is jus carmel no coffee

      about an hour ago · ·
    • hmm, sounds lovely. but im on sum diet type junk……… so no carmel for my fluffy behind

      about an hour ago · ·
    • fluffy? lmao

      about an hour ago · ·
    • yes, FLUFFY. i refuse to say im fat! i am not. i am fluffy. errrrybody love sumthn fluffy, ya digg? clouds. pillows. kittens. slippers. AND ME

      about an hour ago · ·
    • Lmao I hate coffee but those frappes r fire. Like T said they don’t taste like coffee. Try it out u’ll love it

      about an hour ago · ·
    • shut ur face sabrina im done wit u! ctfu

      about an hour ago · ·
    • kim got my back! lol

      about an hour ago · ·
    • hahahahahaha! u ain dun wit no daggon body hussie! i ain a lie…..?
      @ kim- thanks I will try it then…….. aftr iI get this fluff in order

      about an hour ago · ·
    • why i gotta be a hussie? sheesh

      about an hour ago · ·
    • ‎@ T lol. @ Sabrina I hear ya I’m n the gym tryn 2 work on mine. Lol

      about an hour ago · ·
    • eff that! im findin me a chubby chaser…much easier

      58 minutes ago · ·
    • got dem too! but i am doin it for me an all my sexiness!!!!! ain NEVA gunna be skinny. dont wanna be

      47 minutes ago · ·
    • me either which is why i need i “chubby” chaser not sum 1 who likes to bang fatties

      45 minutes ago · ·
    • go to ur room. u need a timeout to thnk about wat u jus let spill out ya damn face

      44 minutes ago · ·
    • lmao how u gonna put me in time out? im grown i dont get time outs

      43 minutes ago · ·

      41 minutes ago · ·
    • NO! *throws tantrum*

      40 minutes ago · ·
    • stomp ya feet one mo gain! now uncross ur arms an get to it! and dont thnk of slammin that daggon door!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      39 minutes ago · ·
    • and jus try ta thnk about rollin jus one damn eyeball!!!!

      38 minutes ago · ·
    • no! ur not my mom!
      *runs to computer to get on facebook to talk shit on sabrina*

      37 minutes ago · ·
    • ok………. keep testin me. matta of fact, lemme call Lisa.
      u kno we ol school wit it, we beat each otha’s kids.
      its on an crackin. go get me a switch! NOW

      35 minutes ago · ·
    • too late i jus put u on blast via facebook status and btw….I LOCKS MY DOORS! good luck gettin in

      33 minutes ago · ·
    • i hav these big thighs for a reason. now ur door GOT TA GO

      31 minutes ago · ·
    • lacin up my timbs now

      31 minutes ago · ·
    • ill go to a friends house…catch me if u can

      30 minutes ago · ·
    • oh, a big chick is quik! dont get it twisted! an u ALWAYS got ta come back….. sooner than later. im patient. i got nothin but time boo

      29 minutes ago · ·
    • man forget all this runnin….im pressin charges!

      28 minutes ago · ·
    • ima dial 91, then u hav the choice to dial that last one. but jus sou kno dat they ain comin for nuthin!

      25 minutes ago · ·
    • thats cool u can go to jail for assult or attempted murder….which jail sentence u want?

      24 minutes ago · ·
    • hmm, they got ta find the body to charge me wit a crime boo………..

      23 minutes ago · ·
    • u just threatened me publicly #motive  *twitter has officially ruined the way i type, #hashtags*

      21 minutes ago · ·
    • u are a hott damn mess!

      16 minutes ago · ·
    • u love it

      16 minutes ago · ·
    • yes i do. somebody needs to read all this and seek out help for us

      15 minutes ago · ·
    • im sure people have read it but we’re beyond help now…a good time for help was when u was talkin bout bein fluffy…we get no help now

      12 minutes ago · ·