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Quote Of The Moment (Facebookstatus)

In Facebook Statuses on August 27, 2010 at 10:42 am

Tylice Meade

Quote Of The Moment :”I’ll give your camel toe a pedicure” WHAT?! LMFAO!

August 15 at 12:54pm Friends and Networks · · ·

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    • how am I gonan get THAT out of my brain????

      August 15 at 1:00pm · ·
    • imma bout to start droppin that line, Thats a panty dropper!

      August 15 at 1:09pm · ·
    • ‎@andrea… u cant
      @jojo…. thats a classic

      August 15 at 1:12pm · ·
    • WOW

      August 15 at 2:15pm · ·
    • thats wut i said when i heard it

      August 15 at 2:21pm · ·
    • it is funny tho

      August 15 at 2:22pm · ·
    • lol yea it is

      August 15 at 2:23pm · ·

I Swear I Have The Best Convos Via Facebookstatus

In Facebook Statuses on August 26, 2010 at 10:34 am

no dramatic intro…. i was watchin the movie role models and this is a result of that

Tylice Meade

When i get out of prison can i hang out with ur 10yr old son? lmao i love that movie

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    • When someone offers you some
      illegal drugs, what do you say? You say, ” No, thanks.
      I’ll just have a Minotaur.”

      7 hours ago · ·
    • i love ur wispering eye Matt! lmao

      7 hours ago · ·

      7 hours ago · ·
    • mom: yea get him oogie! king: shut up u whore! lmfao

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Twitter (Woww) Of The Moment

In Twitlife on August 6, 2010 at 6:25 pm

what is a ‘twitter(woww)’ you ask? its quite simple, its when you decide to see what the trending topics are and something makes you go (WTF/OMG/WHO STARTED THIS/WHY?). some times the topics themselves make u go (woww) and sumtimes the things people post on these topics make u go (woww). and with that being said i present to you my 1st twitter (woww)

Billy Bal BillyBal

AMEN RT @JayAmazin: #MyNextGirlfriend better know how to suck a mean Dick and can hook a steak up.

What Line Were You In?

In Facebook Statuses on August 6, 2010 at 4:49 pm

Tylice Meade

When god was handin out body parts I made sure I hopped in the boob line twice lol

Tuesday at 12:39pm via Facebook for iPhone Friends and Networks · · ·
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    • lmao u stupid i must hve missed that line twice. lmao

      Tuesday at 12:40pm · ·
    • Troof, and I ain’t mad at cha

      Tuesday at 12:43pm · ·
    • Well shit i must have hit that line at least 3 times mabye 4.

      Tuesday at 12:44pm · ·
    • damn can i have some of yalls shit i jus plain out missed the whole event

      Tuesday at 12:46pm · ·
    • Shut up u big titty hefer!!! I think i totally missed that line…and the butt line too, i just didnt see it! Lol, i was more concerned with the pretty line! Haha

      Tuesday at 12:48pm · ·
    • ‎@(K)…hell no im not given up my bffs ask joanie if u can have hers lol
      @(J)…. i got in the pretty line… u was too busy hoppin in the long leggs and long hair line and u 4got all about the boobies! lmao
      @gene….we know! lol

      Tuesday at 1:02pm · ·
    • me too ty. Lol

      Tuesday at 1:09pm · ·
    • ur ass was in that hair line too kellz… i missed out on that worried about the boobs lol

      Tuesday at 1:14pm · ·
    • ur ass is soo silly, hey but i missed the ass part of the deal. No ass at all. Lol ctfu

      Tuesday at 1:23pm · ·
    • Yeah those was the shortest lines, lol

      Tuesday at 1:27pm · ·
    • Lol How yall think I got these boobs? I ain’t do it on purpose……”booty” rhymes wit “boobie” so I thought I was gettin 1 of each (didn’t happen)

      Tuesday at 1:44pm · ·
    • well sis I was right behind u think we took the biggest pair lmao

      Tuesday at 2:14pm · ·

      Tuesday at 2:18pm · ·
    • hahahah!!!!!

      Tuesday at 2:19pm · ·
    • its confirmed..we’re sisters 4 real..my mom and ya mom gots sum ‘splainin to do!

      Tuesday at 2:21pm · ·

      Tuesday at 2:22pm · ·
    • lol i dunno.. maybe one of our moms had twins and gave 1 of us away or wut if we’re both adopted? swear i dont really look like no1 in my fam on either side.. i kinda look like my mom but not really (i think its all in my head and i lie to my self so i can belong….ctfu!)

      Tuesday at 2:26pm · ·