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Awww, my sister loves me

In Quick Thoughts on July 31, 2010 at 3:50 am

ok so i havent been on myspace in…. i dont even kno how long…its been a while. but any way i got on myspace just now cuz i was bored and i went to my sister’s page cuz i saw she had a new pic up… and i saw wut she wrote about me on her page

my biq sister, a biq part 0f my life! (T) i l0ve her s0 much, if there’s nethinq i need i can ask her. If I ever need t0 talk ab0ut sumthinq, she’s 0ne i’d call. Eventh0uqh I d0nt see her as much as I should & would like, it d0esnt chanqe da fact dat she’s my sister & nuthinq & n0b0dy c0uld ever take her place. I L0Ve my sisser!”



In Twitlife on July 31, 2010 at 3:04 am

trending topic on twitter… thought it was funny. wanted to share

#highschooltaughtme how to text with out looking at my phone, and not get caught.

#highschooltaughtme you can convince other students to join your secret cult if you get a giant snake to go around attacking your peers.

#highschooltaughtme that anybody can be a teacher

#highschooltaughtme nothin that i would use in the real world except math, i dont use science or none of them dumb ass classes i had

#highschooltaughtme that 85% would have their dreams crushed before those 4 yrs were over       *****my personal favorite*****


In Facebook Statuses on July 31, 2010 at 1:47 am

so im sure by now you’ve heard the song airplanes by b.o.b. and hayley williams…if not listen to it or at least look up the lyrics otherwise this post wont make sense 2 u.

facebook status of mine from 7/31/10 @ 1:30am (2 names where shortened to just T and M to prevent stalkers lmao)

ME: i could really use a wish right now

about an hour ago Friends and Networks · ·

    • u nd kara just dont listen. 9/11 IS THE REASON WE CANT PRETEND THAT AIRPLANES IN THE NIGHT SKY ARE LIKE SHOOTING STARS! so if you lookin for a wish u shit outta luck lmao

      about an hour ago · ·
    • ctfu! get off my status u dream killer!

      about an hour ago · ·
    • im jus bein honest ok im jus sayin dnt get ya hopes up wishin on no airplane nd dont me mad if some fool in a turban crash that ishh right into ya house lol

      about an hour ago · ·
    • a turban? ur so stupid! i sooooooooooo gotta make that my quote of the moment

      about an hour ago · ·
    • Lol

      about an hour ago · ·
    • dan! wut did i tell u! u cant come to my page an encourage this behavior! lmao

      about an hour ago · ·
    • Ain’t nothin wrong wita lil encouragement lol

      53 minutes ago · ·
    • it is when ur 1st name is (T) or (M)

      43 minutes ago · ·
    • (T) stop hatin ok let him encourage me lol

      43 minutes ago · ·
    • No one ever arrests the person “encouraging” the act…do it up! LoL g’night ladies I have an early day 😉

      40 minutes ago · ·
    • good nite dan
      not hatin on u (M)…. i jus dont know if i can laugh anymore…u had me in tears

      36 minutes ago · ·
    • yea im a comedian, if only i could get paid for this ish!

      34 minutes ago · ·
    • if u could get paid for this u wouldnt need a money management target

      11 minutes ago · ·
    • yea well until i get discovered nd such…money management it is! lol

      10 minutes ago · ·
    • im done wit u! lmao

      9 minutes ago · ·
    • lmao im jus sayin

      6 minutes ago · ·
    • u always jus sayin… i need u to stop sayin stuff lmao

      4 minutes ago · ·
    • lmao nahh im good. jus sayin is what i does

      3 minutes ago · ·

Randomness at 530 am

In Quick Thoughts on July 20, 2010 at 5:29 am

Late nite/early morning/I can’t sleep thought : I’ve come to the conclusion that I’m bipolar. Nuff said