Another Great Convo With Dan The Man lol

In Facebook Statuses on September 10, 2010 at 3:17 pm

Tylice Meade

all i wanna kno is why is it september and i feel like i was jus wishin people happy new year like last week? (time flys)

Tuesday at 8:04pm via Text Message Friends and Networks · · ·
    • No the question is, “Why is it September already & I feel like I just hung up with some clown ass telling me he feels I should turn his Dish service on bc he’s been a loyal customer for 5 months & nvr paid his bill…” Sum quack sumwhere is laughing his/her ass on listening to an ex-Dish employee & raking n the cash hand over fist…getting paid to laugh is it!

      20 hours ago · ·
    • Lmao. It seems like last week I jus started there. My 1st call I took on my own in edge was this redneck sounding man in Texas “them got damn mexicans are on my roof!” I was like “I’m sorry to hear that” I ain’t kno what else to say. Long story short it was a sup call cuz they were roofers and they bumped it and he ain’t wanna pay the $99 smh oh how I miss that job lmao

      19 hours ago · ·
    • Lol

      17 hours ago · ·

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