Twins And Tripleps 4 Friends = Funtimes

In Facebook Statuses on September 4, 2010 at 4:32 pm

ok what prompted this FBStatus was that i have friends who i graduated with that are twins (2girls) and tripplets (3boys) and i always used to wonder why they didnt look alike… i kno u have identical and fraternal twins but its just funny to me sometimes…anyway enjoy the status

Tylice Meade

why dont ppl get curious when twins dont look alike? they were made by the same people at the same time. if u make cupcakes &1turns out vanilla would u wonder?

20 hours ago via Text Message Friends and Networks · · ·
  • Olivia N and Chelsea N like this.
    • You’re like a african american Confucius (did I spell that right). I love it!

      18 hours ago · ·
    • lol shut up pamUla

      18 hours ago · ·
    • I DO!!! and i ask “WHY DONT YA’LL LOOK ALIKE!?”

      15 hours ago · ·
    • lol….i kno a set of twins who dont look alike i should ask them lol

      8 hours ago · ·
    • <<<twin1

      ask away! lol.

      5 hours ago · ·
    • lol which one of yall is the wrong cup cake?

      5 hours ago · ·
    • 1/3 of triplet crew

      i feel ya . no respect nowadays

      5 hours ago · ·
    • lol said the triplet who also doesnt look like his brothers….well maybe brad but not brian

      5 hours ago · ·
    • oh, ollie is the wrong cupcake for sure.

      5 hours ago · ·
    • lol how did i kno u would say that

      5 hours ago · ·
    • well, she’s left handed and im RIGHT handed….therefore, im the right cupcake and she’s the wrong one. science. lol.

      5 hours ago · ·
    • lmao….i love ur logic

      5 hours ago · ·
    • twin2

      ‎….i’m so wrong i’m right. lol

      4 hours ago · ·
    • hahaha some how that seams to work too

      4 hours ago · ·

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