I Swear I Have The Best Convos Via Facebookstatus

In Facebook Statuses on August 26, 2010 at 10:34 am

no dramatic intro…. i was watchin the movie role models and this is a result of that

Tylice Meade

When i get out of prison can i hang out with ur 10yr old son? lmao i love that movie

7 hours ago via Text Message Friends and Networks · · ·
    • When someone offers you some
      illegal drugs, what do you say? You say, ” No, thanks.
      I’ll just have a Minotaur.”

      7 hours ago · ·
    • i love ur wispering eye Matt! lmao

      7 hours ago · ·

      7 hours ago · ·
    • mom: yea get him oogie! king: shut up u whore! lmfao

      7 hours ago · ·

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