Defend your vice.

In Plinky Promps on August 14, 2010 at 9:42 am

How did you start? Why would you quit?

um my vice is the internet…lol. its always there for me it knows everything that i ever want to know. IT GETS ME! lol

how did i start? not sure school research project maybe? im pretty sure it was sumthin school related cuz i wasnt really into the internet much at all until i was like 15 and by then i knew what the internet was and i was familiar with it it wasnt like it was brand new so yea school started my bad habit! (damn schools)

why would i quit? i dont think i will be (voluntarily anyway) its not like im so addicted to the internet that i stay online 24hrs. i still have a life and i spend time with family/friends…. that dsl bill and the electric bill both need to be paid so i can support my habit right? lol (jussayin)

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