My first job?

In Plinky Promps on August 13, 2010 at 9:32 am

My first job? ……….um, Which one?

well, u would think this would be a simple question to answer but leave it to me to get all complicated.

my 1st “real” job was working as a sales person for T-Mobile. the ones the be in those lil booths/keyosks in the middle of the mall….well pittsburgh malls any way. the ones who harass u when your trying to shop..”hey come check out these phones” or they try to make small talk to lure you in and then they hit you with the sales pitch…lol that job was pretty funny some times but it was my 1st real job

the 1st job experience and paycheck for was not T-Moblie. my job title was “Administrative assistant” i reported directly to the company’s CEO and V.P. and i was also in charge of payroll. i got this job at the age of 17. how could a 17yr old with no prior job experience get a job like that? its quite simple the CEO(my uncle) and the V.P.(my dad) own a small business and they put me to work as the “your job is to do what ever we assign you today” person. so most of the time it was ur typical office stuff like payroll invoices ect. then it was “can u run and get us sumthin to eat?” lol they payed me. which was alot of money to me since i still lived at home i got minimum wage (at the time min wage was $5.15/hr) the reason i dont classify this as my 1st “real” job is b/c i didnt have to go through the hiring process like submitting an app/resume interviews and bull s*** orientations and what not. i simply told my dad i wanted a job cuz i wanted my own $ and him and my uncle needed help any way. it was a win win…. i got a job and they got a worker for cheap. lol

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