Break Your Tv And Find A Husband

In Facebook Statuses on August 13, 2010 at 12:16 pm

ok so as stated in a previous post i appologized to Directv via Facebook…a friend commented on my status. enjoy!

Tylice Meade

yesterdays status : FML! got a date wit directv man 2morro…..1st technicall issue i have in 3yrs and they cant fix it over the phone
(turns out the lnb i had was bad and was recalled so yea i guess they couldnt fix that over the phone) im sorry directv i will never doubt u again

Yesterday at 10:42am Friends and Networks · · ·

    • Hopefully he’s a hottie. Haha. Then you could get a real date! Everytime comcast comes here, I cross my fingers he’s hot.

      Yesterday at 10:49am · ·
    • lmao! ur so stupid… he jus left like 30 min ago he was kinda cute but nothin to go crazy about

      Yesterday at 11:05am · ·
    • Hahahaa. Worth a shot lol. All the comcast dudes aren’t that great either. 😦

      Yesterday at 11:22am · ·
    • lmao…im startin think u mess things up on purpose to try ur luck and i do know of like 4 comcast dudes that are not too bad on the eyes…ur jus gettin the short end of the stick

      Yesterday at 11:24am · ·
    • Actually, no. Haha. The dude installed my stuff like 2 months ago. They had to come back cause he brought me an SD box instead of HD and then one time my channels…it would skip like half the SD ones but I still had HD ones. It was weird.

      Yesterday at 11:26am · ·
    • Tylice Meade lol yea that is weird

      Yesterday at 11:27am · ·

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