Ok, Im Sorry

In Facebook Statuses on August 12, 2010 at 11:04 am

intro…i had to apologize to my friend of 3yrs…..Directv (lol)

yesterday i had a problem with my hddvr it was just stuck on “searching for signal” so i do what comes naturally to me (well natural to me as of the past 3 yrs and way.) i used to work for Dishnetwork as a tech support rep. (yes, i worked for dish but had directv, the funny thing is that some of the $ from my 1st dishnework paycheck went towards my start up costs with directv…lol ) so anyway i start checking things like is it raining? no. do both tvs not work? no, the bedroom dvr is ok. ok so i bring the bedroom dvr to the living room to see if i have a signal problem in my living room…..nope the regular dvr works fine in the livingroom too. so now what? i take the hddvr to the bedroom and guess what it doesnt work there either. so now im pissed bcuz i didnt get to watch some of the shows i recorded like the real word the bad girls club dark blue and some other stuff. and i wouldnt have been so mad about the no signal thing if i could just watch what i had already recorded bcuz at this point im thinkin the this dvr is bad and needs swapped for a new 1 or wutever cuz it dont word in either room but the regular dvr works in both rooms. so i call directv’s tech support and i tell the lady wut i did and that i thought it might be the dvr and it mite need swapped. i told her that if she thinks it mite be sumthin else im up for suggestions im jus making guesses. so she thought it was the dvr but it could possible be somethin else and she wanted to send a tech to my house just to check out everything so im like ok cool no problem so i was kinda mad about having to have sum1 come here and it couldnt be a simple fix but hey shit happens. so i went on facebook yesterday and posted a status about the situation…so today the tech came and figured out what the problem was and then i had to go back to facebook today to post the following :

Tylice Meade

“yesterdays status : FML! got a date wit directv man 2morro…..1st technicall issue i have in 3yrs and they cant fix it over the phone

(turns out the lnb i had was bad and was recalled so yea i guess they couldnt fix that over the phone) im sorry directv i will never doubt u again


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