Goldielocks Is Sending The Wrong Message

In Facebook Statuses on August 6, 2010 at 4:18 pm

ok so here’s another facebook status that i thought was funny…again names are either taken out or shortened to initials

Tylice Meade

Watch what u teach ur kids. Think about Goldie locks broke in to the bears house (problem 1) problem 2 is that she went to eat up their food “this is too hot. This is too cold” BITCH! THIS AINT UR FOOD!

July 31 at 10:05pm via Facebook for iPhone Friends and Networks · · ·
  • (SC) and (KJ) like this.
    • Grl u must b bored. The things u come up w. Lmao

      July 31 at 10:49pm · ·
    • Dnt forget she was sleepin n they beds too…& she didn’t charge em a dime!! lol I’m sry. U need NO encouragement frm me! Lol

      July 31 at 11:16pm · ·
    • And u wonder why I am the way I am. Cuz of people like u

      July 31 at 11:18pm · ·
    • Well then I’m proud of u!! U go girl! LoL

      August 1 at 7:43am · ·
    • lmao

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