Awww, my sister loves me

In Quick Thoughts on July 31, 2010 at 3:50 am

ok so i havent been on myspace in…. i dont even kno how long…its been a while. but any way i got on myspace just now cuz i was bored and i went to my sister’s page cuz i saw she had a new pic up… and i saw wut she wrote about me on her page

my biq sister, a biq part 0f my life! (T) i l0ve her s0 much, if there’s nethinq i need i can ask her. If I ever need t0 talk ab0ut sumthinq, she’s 0ne i’d call. Eventh0uqh I d0nt see her as much as I should & would like, it d0esnt chanqe da fact dat she’s my sister & nuthinq & n0b0dy c0uld ever take her place. I L0Ve my sisser!”


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