This brings back some memories…its still funny to me (plinky writting chalenge)

In Plinky Promps on July 22, 2010 at 1:00 pm

well…. this is gonna have to be 2 parts b/c i cant narrow it down to just 1 teacher. there were 2. 1 was a sub and 1 was a regular teacher.

1st teacher. (i was in 11th grade age 16 @ the time) sub… i cant remember her name but she was our sub b/c our math teacher was out on maternity leave. well any way the entire class pretty much hated the sub that we had she was just a bitch pretty much. but we would do dumb shit to mess wit her like just start yellin the real teacher's name real loud 1 by 1 and then scream "we miss u, come back" or 1 person in the class would have like almost the entire class's cell ph #s so they would send like a mass text to every 1. stupid things like "say jello when u get this message" so it would be dead quiet in the classroom and all of a sudden you would hear *bzz bzzz bzzzzzzzzzzzzz bzzzz* (phones vibrating all over the room) then 1by1 you hear jello……jello……jello but there was always this 1 girl who always had her phone on silent instead of vibrate and she never got the message when every 1 else did so she would be just as confused as the teacher was listenin to us all start sayin jello all of a sudden so it seemed to be that after the sub yelled @ us or wut ever about the jello thing she went to go sit down at her desk, the girl wit the cell ph on silent then decided to check her ph to see what time it was or what ever and then read the txt msg and was like "oh! jello…..hahahahaha"

lmfao that may seem stupid to most people and actually i told this to a few people and some thought it was kinda funny but most thought it was kinda dumb but its all good. me and the people involved thought it was hillarious *guess we're lame, oh well*

2nd teacher (i was in 10th grade age 15 @ the time) ok so side note b4 i get into this story. (otherwise you may be wondering why i had to take a class with the title it has) ok so from 9th grade till i graduated i was sent 2 a christian school. not b/c my family was just that religious but b/c they offered a better education than the public school in my town did. im talking so bad that a girl i know graduated valedictorian from that school, she went to college and she was at the bottom of her class as far as other people her age that just graduated and blah blah blah. there could have been other factors that contributed to her being at the bottom of her class but it doesnt help when u have a bad foundation and on top of that like 1/2 the kids that come out of that school are a bunch of dummies *it cant be a fluke in all those cases*………………………………ok anyway back to the point. b/c i went to a christian school part of our curriculum was that we had to take bible class which was exactly what it sounds like. the teacher pretty much picks a few passages, reads them to us/have us take turns reading out loud, talks about it then assigns us some worksheet that he made up with all these random questions on it and that was our homework. then our tests/quizzes would be a random composite of the questions that were on the homework worksheets. but anyway, this teacher i didnt really hate, i just didnt really like him b/c he was weird and we thought he was gay b/c his mannerisms were pretty feminine. anyway he never really was able to complete a successful class b/c we would always do things to mess with him to. like a chain of like 3-5 of us would randomly start yellin out a chain of words that would form a short sentence. the last person would then yell out what the sentence was and the bible teacher would just have this confused look on his face and then we would just do other random shit throughout the year to fuck with him and i remember 1 day in particular, it was close to the end of the school year so every 1 was ready to be out for the summer break and it was so hot this 1 day every1 was annoyed and aggravated from the heat so he's tryin to read us something and 1 of the kids in the class started messin wit the teacher *i cant remember what they said or did exactly* but next thing i know the bible teacher starts bending this pen or pencil in his hand and he snapped it in 1/2 and started crying and then he just went and either sat at his desk….or maybe he left out the room? or were there 2 times that this happened and im mixing them up wit each other? o well but that was his 1st and last yr teaching at that school…. i wonder what it was that made him not want to come back? seriously…. cuz i heard the seniors were worse to him then we were…oh well life goes on

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