where’s the chilli?

In Plinky Promps on July 19, 2010 at 6:54 pm

argument takes place 2mos into my 3yr relationship with my now ex-boyfriend

him: lets go to the store i wanna have hotdogs for dinner
me: really? out of all things in the world u want hotdogs?
him: yea i jus have a craving for it
*****at the store*****
him: lets split up so we can get out of here faster, u go get the stuff 4 the hotdogs and ill get everything else
*grabs hotdogs, mustard, katchup, buns and meets back up to go to check out*
him: wheres the chilli?
me: what chilli? u never told me to pick that up
him: i told u to get hotdog stuff
me: yea, but u didnt say u wanted chilli dogs
him: yea but when u eat hotdogs u eat them with chilli so i didnt kno that i had to tell to grab it….who the hell just eats wieners and buns?
me: um…….a lot of people
him: like who? no one does that…u always eat it with chilli, i cant believe u 4got the chilli
me: 1st of all, i didnt 4get anything! U DIDNT TEL ME U WANTED CHILLI! so how was i supposed to know?
him: wutever now we gotta go back and we’re gonna be in walmart 4ever all bcuz YOU 4got the chilli
me: are u kidding me? this is my fault? U DIDNT EFFIN ASK 4 CHILLI

*****argues all the way home about nothing, wakes up the next morning like nothing happened, gotta love relationships*****

  1. wow really? he wanted 2 argue about chili dogs? yea they r gud but dats not da normal way of eatn them…thats a special request…he shud hav specified!

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